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Are you looking to meet new people, make friends, and have a blast in a welcoming social environment? Look no further than the Oceangrove Social Committee, where we’re all about bringing our community together through a range of fun and engaging events. Here’s a glimpse of what we have to offer:

Monthly Informal Luncheons at DYRSL
One of our regular highlights is our monthly luncheons at DYRSL. These gatherings are a perfect opportunity to catch up with friends, enjoy a delicious meal, and share good times in a relaxed and friendly setting.

Lunches at Locations Around Sydney Every 2nd Month
We love exploring the vibrant city of Sydney, and every second month, we take our luncheons to different locations. From the bustling heart of the city to serene spots like Palm Beach, Neutral Bay, and Watson’s Bay, our lunch outings let you savor the city’s diverse culinary offerings.

Music Nights in the Anzac Room
If you’re a music lover, you won’t want to miss our two annual music nights in the Anzac Room. These events showcase local talent and provide the perfect backdrop for a night of dancing and enjoyment with friends.

Numerous BBQ Functions on Palm Grove Deck
Our outdoor BBQ functions are a hit, celebrating various occasions like St. Patrick’s Day, Bastille Day, and Australia Day. Join us on the Palm Grove Deck for some sizzling barbecues and great company.

Movie Nights in the Anzac Room
For the cinephiles among us, we host two movie nights each month on the Anzac Room’s big screen. It’s a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the latest blockbusters and timeless classics while surrounded by friendly faces.

Trivia Nights
Put your knowledge to the test at our trivia nights. Compete with fellow members, have a few laughs, and maybe even win some exciting prizes.

Annual Christmas Social
We wrap up the year with a bang by celebrating our Annual Christmas Social. It’s a time for merriment, laughter, and spreading holiday cheer with your Oceangrove Social Committee family.

The Oceangrove Social Committee is all about fostering connections, making memories, and enjoying the diverse events we have to offer. Whether you’re a long-standing member or a newcomer looking to join a vibrant community, you’re welcome to come along and participate in our exciting events throughout the year.

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