Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Departure Fees?

You may have to pay a Departure Fee when you leave this village. Departure Fees enable the owner/operator of a Retirement Village to take on commitments to the Village which ensure Residents have a simpler life where much of the worry is removed. In the case of Oceangrove, the Dee Why RSL is committed to:

  • Maintain and upgrade community spaces within the Village as required
  • Fund all major capital works including replacement of lifts, roofing, common area furnishings etc when required
  • Fund the refurbishment of apartments
  • Ensure strong management of the Village
  • Buy back apartments not re-sold within 6 months of being available for release
  • Structuring such fees to be paid at the end of a residency, to ensure Residents have more disposable income when they need it most

You may have to share any capital gains received with the operator of this village, being Dee Why RSL.

2. What protection is there from Recurrent Charges increasing?

Recurrent charges may be increased automatically in line with Consumer Price Index each year. If the Village wishes to increase them by more than that, they must submit a budget to the Residents for their approval.

3. How do you access DYRSL from Oceangrove?

There is a secure gate that leads from the northern end of the village to an exclusive Resident-only access into DYRSL’s Bistro.


In addition, there is easy access from Pittwater Road to the main RSL entry point.

4. Do you have a wait list?

Yes, Oceangrove maintains a wait list for people wanting to move to Oceangrove in the future. We encourage anyone looking to secure an apartment at Oceangrove to complete a priority wait list application form. A Wait List Policy is available for your consideration.

5. What provisions have been made to ensure that the Village is secure?
  • Oceangrove is a secure site with access provided to Residents through a FOB key system
  • This same FOB key is used for access to community spaces, lifts, garages and to your apartment
  • The car park is secure and accessed by a remote control
  • Apartment windows and glass sliding doors are lockable
  • The Village is patrolled after hours by the Dee Why RSL’s Security contractors
  • Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) are installed at selected locations
  • Audio intercoms are provided in all apartments connecting to the main entries
6. What provisions have been made to minimise any noise between apartments?

All common walls between apartments are thicker than normal walls and have been provided with acoustic insulation to ensure the comfort of Residents and minimal noise transmitted between apartments.

7. What provisions have been made to reduce external noise from Pittwater Road?

One of Oceangrove’s most desirable features is its central location. With this feature comes some exposure to traffic noise from Pittwater Road. To minimise this, the apartments that face Pittwater Road are provided with windows with thicker acoustic glazing and acoustic seals, which significantly surpass Building Code acoustic requirements.


Every apartment facing Pittwater Road has double glazing to all doors and windows. As an added measure, the RSL has specified glass that is 50% thicker than that normally used ensuring maximum protection against noise. These apartments also benefit from adjustable louvers over all the windows, which provide even higher protection from the elements and noise.


Apartments facing Pittwater Road also enjoy excellent afternoon sun. A number of these apartments also have balconies overlooking the Sanctuary Grove or the Palm Grove, which provide access to good morning light and southerly breezes.

8. What general services are available to Oceangrove Residents?

Our Concierge works business hours Monday to Friday, and is located at the Oceangrove front desk. The Concierge sorts all residents’ mail and generally runs the day to day services at Oceangrove. The Concierge is available for all Residents and just like a 5 star hotel, they are there to help whenever required.


One of their main roles is to help connect Residents with the services they need. They have information at their fingertips on:

  • Shopping
  • Local restaurants/cafés
  • Housekeeping
  • Local tradespeople
  • Transport options (bus, taxis)
  • Medical services including dentists, doctors etc
  • Hair and beauty salons
  • Care options
  • Local events
  • Sending mail
  • Photocopying
  • Visiting consultants such as podiatrists, massage etc

The Concierge is available to chase up things as required. Where the Concierge needs to spend some time on an issue there may be an extra charge, however you will be advised of this in advance. The Concierge will also ensure everything at Oceangrove is kept in good order. Whether it is the community spaces, the grounds or issues in your apartment they are there to help and will also ensure the community spaces are clean and well stocked. There are current newspapers available, as well as tea and coffee on offer for Residents and their guests. You, your family and guests will always feel welcome at Oceangrove.

9. Are pets allowed?

Yes. A huge advantage that Oceangrove provides is a pet friendly village. Prospective Residents will need to seek permission from the Manager to ensure that the selected apartment is suitable for housing your pet. The owner needs to be able to care for their pet and to ensure they are not creating a problem for other Residents at Oceangrove.

10. Will I be able to request variations to my apartment?

Any request for variation needs to be submitted to the Village Manager for consideration. The Manager needs to ensure the quality of any variation is consistent with the overall design and does not negatively impact on the Village. Most requests for variations receive a favourable response.

11. What type of care services are available to Oceangrove Residents?
  • Our focus on lifestyle does not mean we have forgotten the importance of Residents being able to access other health and emergency services when required
  • We are connected with a range of local service providers who can be brought in to provide extra services when you need them. Sometimes this may be for a short period or it could be ongoing. We will help find the right service for you and also help guide you through the administrative tasks
  • Oceangrove is not an aged care facility. It is important to note that no retirement Village can guarantee access to an aged care facility as access is on a needs basis as required by the Commonwealth Aged Care Act. Our Concierge will work with you and your family if additional care is required. Local service providers offer a range of in-home care services that will allow you to stay in your Oceangrove home as long as possible. If entry into an aged care facility is required, we will work with you to understand the process and help to secure a suitable placement
  • Every resident has access to a personal security button should any problem arise out of hours. There will always be a registered nurse on the end of your telephone who can ascertain what is needed and call the right person to assist you as quickly as possible; whether it is family, police or an ambulance
12. Who manages the Village?

Dee Why RSL manages Oceangrove with the same level of care and integrity that they have been renowned for over the past 70+ years.

13. What parking facilities are available at Oceangrove?

Every apartment has a designated car space. Some spaces are open and come with a lock-up storage cage, while others are fully enclosed. There are also a limited number of additional car spaces available to purchase, if you require a second space.